Chinga is an interactive game positioned as a comedic subversion, that encourages people from different communities to explore Asian stereotypes that are recognised amongst our society. Derived from the racial slur ‘Chink’ combined with direct translation from the game Jenga. Naming behind the game is to express a provoking demeanor, further disclose the racial confrontation. The overall idea of the game is made to embark on a conversation about the issues lightheartedly. By rewarding players for resonating Asian-like qualities, also to break negative connotations and encourage them to embrace own culture through sarcasm and humour.

The inspiration for the branding and graphic elements came from the retro aesthetics of Eastern culture, as well as exaggeration on the packaging. Main collaterals consist of Chinese takeout (packaging box), blocks, spicy cards and a manual. Additional collaterals- giant chopsticks + chopsticks cover, t-shirts and promotional posters.


MDS Capstone Project

Year / 2019

chinga post.png
chinga post.png
chinga post.png
chinga post.png
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chinga post.png
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