A uni project from 2018 which I investigated the issues revolving around urbanization. The rapid growth of the human population raises many serious issues over the past couple of decades. Issues such as environmental and sustainability degradation, lack of privacy, overuse of land space hence, unaffordable housing market. ARBO POD is a 100% self-sufficient tiny home. What differentiates this home from others is that it is portable by floating with the compatible electromagnetic anti-gravity platform, making moving places 20 times easier than regular homes. Since it is lightweight, the device is also stackable for up to 10 Arbo pods per unit, making use of unwanted land space. This device is perfectly ideal for newer generations to live in.

The collaterals that are produced from this project consist of a brochure, information regarding the functions of Arbo pod, website to promote the device, poster design to differentiate Arbo pod with other regular homes. Last but not least, a conceptual artifact of Arbo pod.


MDS Speculative Brief

Year / 2018

brochure page.jpg
cut section page .jpg
website page.jpg
arboo poster.png
bus stop mockup poster .jpg